Legislators and institutional investors are mounting pressure on businesses for greater transparency on climate risk and ESG performance.

The need for a legal framework governing the sustainable investment and operations of hospitality businesses has never been greater. The EEA General Counsels Committee is developing a comprehensive legal framework for the hospitality industry to facilitate the implementation of ESG initiatives; the attainment of net zero carbon together with robust reporting & governance, through sector-wide collaboration, resource pooling and inspirational leadership.

The Committee oversees the creation of:

  1. The EEA Hospitality Legal Repository, including a databank of legislation covering environmental, social and governance laws for the industry.
  2. New contractual clauses, which hospitality businesses can incorporate into commercial agreements and contracts. These clauses will be balanced between parties and will promulgate commercially robust, environmentally sustainable operations through their provisions. They will include climate aligned boiler plate clauses that can be adapted to embed net zero and other ESG targets in key contracts used throughout the hotels sector including, HMAs, construction contracts, leases, supply contracts and employment contracts.
  3. Guidance on board practices, corporate incentives, and policies governing risk.
  4. Workshops, training programmes and events to engage industry executives and law firms in drafting and adapting new clauses to contracts.
  5. Informative notes on key legal ESG issues and trends facing the sector such as greenwashing and “green-finance”.

The Committee also advises the EEA on submissions to legislators, reviews government proposals including white papers, and champions the advancement of sustainable hospitality in new regulation.

The Committee is devoted to delivering ongoing modifications in line with peer reviews and continual change in legislation, case law and guidance notes. We would be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions or comments regarding any work produced by the Committee or if you have any suggestions for work which would be suitable for the Committee to undertake. If you do, please send an email to [legal@eea.international] with your questions or comments, where a member of the EEA team or the Committee will be delighted to hear from you and will get in touch with you.

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