About us

The Alliance is a company limited by guarantee, run by its members (that own approx. 24,000 hotel properties internationally), for the benefit of its members. A small executive team is responsible for running and growing the organisation. It is supervised and directed by an advisory board, comprised of leading figures from the hospitality industry.

Our Approach

Confining global warming to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels depends on global decarbonisation rates reaching at least 11.3% per annum. Businesses are responding; however, reduction rates must be accelerated to achieve global and national targets.

The EEA’s immediate priority is to achieve faster carbon reduction rates in the hospitality industry. It will help its members do so in three practical ways: first by bringing the industry together with renowned experts, regulators and specialist services, to share knowledge and implement new technologies; second, by enabling member companies to purchase their energy 100% sustainably; and third by helping members drive energy productivity levels in a highly cost-effective manner.