The Capital Markets Committee brings together global institutional capital and investment funds, private equity, and debt capital providers, in addition to hospitality owners/operators, to share perspectives, promote innovation and address the challenges faced in the hospitality sector.

The Committee aims to:

  • Promote knowledge-sharing on how the hospitality sector is addressing ESG from an investment and asset management perspective, across different pools of capital.
  • Consider the role of brands in complying with regulation and achieving sustainability goals.
  • Accelerate the growth of sustainable investment and ESG financing in the hospitality sector.
  • Raise awareness of how operations are being adapted to make hospitality assets more sustainable and illustrate how the activity is being measured and reported.
  • Help investment committee processes change to accommodate the evolving regulatory and investment landscape.
  • Increase understanding of how Net Zero initiatives can be priced.
  • Monitor the changing regulatory landscape and how it is impacting investment appetite and processes.
  • Develop standardised investment KPIs which help promote benchmarking, using common metrics.

The Capital Markets Committee


Coley Brenan
KSL Capital Partners

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Bettina Graef-Parker
Managing Director
Aareal Bank AG

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Corinne Hanson
Director of Sustainability
SH Hotels & Resorts

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David Kellett
MD of Hotel Transactions
Invesco Real Estate

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Natalia Kolotneva
Operational Real Estate

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Lauren Okada Young
Senior Vice President
Brookfield Real Estate Group

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Ben Patton
Head of Real Estate Debt.
Federated Hermes

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Dr Sabine Schaffer
Co-Founder & CEO (Europe)
Pro-invest Group

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Caroline Tiveus
SVP of Sustainable Business

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Rekha Toora
SVP, Capital Markets, JLL
Chair, EEA CMC

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Tim Wheeldon
Managing Director
Zeal Hotels

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