Last week, Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of Energy & Environment Alliance discussed with fellow pannelists (Ben Davis, Co-founder, Saxbury, Giles Horwitch-Smith, CEO of res:harmonics and Beverly King MCIPD, Vice President, Business Development & Consulting, EMEA & APAC at Graebel Companies, Inc.) key findings of the 2023 Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report (GSAIR) by Ariosi Group Limited.

 Key GSAIR 2023 findings

– Serviced apartment usage has grown for the 10th consecutive GSAIR

– For corporates, usage has grown by 53% for business travel, 38% for assignment work and 89% for relocation.

– Agents on the other hand say usage has grown most for assignment work at 64%, 55% for business travel and 44% for relocation.

– Operators estimate that 20% of bookings are now for leisure travel.

– Average length of stay is increasing 89% of corporates predict that the average length of their business stays will increase or stay the same in 2023.

– 87% of serviced apartment agents reported an increase in average length of stay of their clients versus 45% in 2022.

RFP strategy separates serviced apartments from hotels 

– In 2023, 54% of corporates are separating serviced apartment RFPs from hotels, compared with just 19% in 2022.

– Only 38% will issue a single, combined serviced apartment and hotel RFP in 2023 compared with 63% in 2022.

Rising energy costs will impact rates 

– 50% of corporates and 46% of agents expect suppliers to make savings in other areas instead of charging a higher nightly rate. Roughly a quarter of both corporates and agents expect operators to absorb the extra costs.

– 75% of operators are planning to mitigate additional energy costs by charging higher nightly rates.

Sustainability is a key driver

– 43% of corporates say greater awareness amongst business travellers means sustainability always influences sourcing, with 64% of agents saying the same amongst their client base.

– However, 75% of operators deny sustainability is the biggest factor in corporate sourcing decisions, suggesting instead that the strength of feeling amongst their customers may be underestimated.

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Ufi Ibrahim, CEO, EEA