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Measuring Sustainability in Hotel Assets – A webinar hosted by DLA Piper

Watch this insightful webinar hosted by DLA Piper and moderated by Susan Samuel, where James Fisher, Strategic Relationship Lead - Real Estate, BRE Group (the group behind BREEAM) and Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of the [...]

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Beyond Bamboo Joins the Energy & Environment Alliance

Beyond Bamboo (BB), a global community and marketplace committed to the sustainable procurement of ethical products and services, has joined forces with the Energy and Environment Alliance (EEA). Working together to embed environmental, social [...]

By |2021-10-18T11:25:43+00:00June 17th, 2021|EEA News|2 Comments

Essential Pillars of Corporate Strategy: Growth must be Sustainable and Quantifiable

Based on a new five-programme series, HoCoSo CONNECT  hosted its first roundtable discussion about strategy and sustainable growth in the altered world of travel and hospitality. Katharine Le Quesne, HoCoSo’s Managing Director, hosted the [...]

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EEA – Energy Markets Update April 2021

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Quintex Joins the Energy & Environment Alliance

Quintex Systems, a market leader in energy management technology, has joined the Energy and Environment Alliance (EEA). The aim is to help accommodation businesses save energy and reduce carbon emissions in commercial kitchens. This [...]

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Peter Till on Transitioning to a Net Zero Strategy

Boutique Hotel News news editor Eloise Hanson speaks to Peter Till, chairman of The Energy & Environment Alliance, about actionable steps for transitioning to a net zero carbon strategy and the hurdles we are [...]

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Goodbye Greeenwash, Hello Rigour

BREXIT has given a new lease of  life to UK policy makers whose day job involves revising existing laws and introducing new regulation. Not least is the prospective replacement of the EU Emissions Trading [...]

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BREEAM Awards 2021 – Ufi Ibrahim in the Spotlight

BREEAM Awards 2021 - Ufi Ibrahim in the Spotlight From 23-24 March BREEAM celebrated the success of their customers at the annual BREEAM Awards online. You can watch the full awards presentation here, see [...]

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Energy & Environment Alliance and InterAxS Digital Event

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