City Air Technologies (CAT), a global innovator in the provision of natural solutions to indoor air pollution, sponsors the Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA) Summit ESG 2.0 to take place on Tuesday, 28th March 2023.

CAT will showcase their unique air planters on stage, setting the scene for the EEA’s second annual conference, this year dedicated to the shift of ESG regulation and investment. The natural backdrop to the stage will complement the living wall that resides in the lobby of the venue, the The Westin London City, owned by 4C Group.

Robert Stoutzker, Joint Founder/COO, CAT, says: “City Air Technologies are again very pleased to be a sponsor to the EEA 2023 conference. Ufi and her team are now an integral part of the ESG landscape for the hospitality sector. Congratulations on your achievements over the past year EEA.”

EEA CEO, Ufi Ibrahim, concludes: “We are delighted that CAT is sponsoring the EEA Summit again this year and that they will provide a beautiful living wall at the entrance to the conference and to the backdrop of the stage. Their plants remove more than 99.5% of airborne particles, but they are also helpful in reducing energy consumption, regulating temperature and absorbing noise – great innovative technology!”

Launched in 2021, City Air Technologies, specialises in blending nature with technology to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency, reducing operating cost and enhancing wellbeing. The effectiveness of their planters which clean the air using a natural process called Phytoremediation has been fully tested and validated by BRE. The Company now offers the first of its kind multifunctional connected eco-system which includes air quality sensors, plant-powered air purifiers, smart planters and smart plant babysitting system all to an App offering remote control, monitoring and alerts.

For more information on CAT, please visit City Air Technologies or email