We face a sustainability challenge which far outweighs the capability of any one individual or company. Its
scale requires the business community to collaborate on the development and implementation of ESG

Lawyers have a special part to play. With an intimate understanding of how businesses work, how they
measure, analyse, and disclose information to clients, employees, auditors, investors, and regulators,
lawyers are powerful conduits to building robust ESG frameworks. Thus, as valued and strategic influencers,
lawyers have the power to instigate and internalise change.

The General Counsels Committee is a global hospitality lawyers from Senior in-house counsels and
prominent international law firms have joined forces under the auspices of the EEA to drive change and
equip the hospitality industry with the legal and governance frameworks for the adoption of ESG across
every aspect of the business. The Committee works to achieve an exciting new vision of the world, one
that is sustainable for all future generations and where everybody can prosper. This is a vision that
consumers and employees are increasingly demanding; it is one that investors are backing; and it is one for
which governments worldwide are legislating.

This, the Committee’s first report, assesses the legal and reputational risks facing hospitality businesses
from greenwashing. The Committee is delighted to have collaborated with DLA Piper on this work. We
share a common vision of a world in which every hospitality business has achieved Net Zero Carbon, ESG
leadership, and where there should consequently be no incentive for any business to engage in
greenwashing. This report will help preserve the integrity of the hospitality industry by empowering its
leaders with information and guidance to avoid greenwashing.

The recording of the launch can be watched here and the full copy of the report can be obtained by clicking here.