Project Description

Frazer Durris, CEO, Businesswise Solutions

Frazer has been in the energy industry for over 10 years, as founder and Chief Executive Officer of Businesswise Solutions, an award-winning disruptor in the energy management consultancy space. Businesswise Solutions mission is to help corporate businesses eliminate energy waste, achieve NetZero and make energy management simple. Businesswise use cloud-based tech solutions developed in-house and are leading the way in becoming the first fully managed, digital energy management service provider, to serve the needs of modern energy clients globally. This approach recently led to Businesswise being placed amongst the UK’s top 100 tech disruptors in two national awards in 2020. In 2018 Businesswise launched the sectors first ‘Energy Centre’. The inspiring modern office building educates clients and others alike by taking them on a visual and interactive journey of energy through the ages to the modern-day. It demystifies the complex nature of energy, demonstrates the latest technology, live energy trading floor and client energy control center, from where they manage their proprietary ‘Energy-Management-As-A-Service’ (EMaaS™) solution.