Project Description

Xander Bueno de Mesquita, Founder Treating Life Well ©

Initiator and (concept) developer of, Xander Bueno de Mesquita is the founding father of Treating Life Well©, a concept built on the sweet spot between three primary ideas: Circularity, Place-Making and Hospitality. All three concepts redefine how human beings interact with the world, and how that interaction can produce positivity and energy, instead of waste and isolation. Xander is not just a visionary, but also a man of action. He initiated and developed the QO hotel. It’s Europe’s most sustainable hotel, and its first LEED Platinum-certified Living Building. By aiming to close the loops of water, energy, CO2 and waste, Xander proves that respect for humans and respect for planet can go hand in hand. By creating a flexible, elegant and innovative space, Xander illustrates that consciousness does not need to come at the expense of comfort or community.