Sustainable Hotel Construction

Please download the Sustainable Hotel Construction report from the below QR code or here.

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‘Mindfully Modern’ – ZEAL Hotels

Zeal Hotels was founded in 2012 by Tim Wheeldon and Tony Clark to create a group of sustainable hotels to ensure that staying in a hotel, whether for business or pleasure, would not harm [...]

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Investors, builders and operators of residential and commercial real estate

The Lamington Group is a 55-year-old group of companies that owns and operates around 14000 of real estate across a multitude of brands. These brands include room2, room2lite, Missionworks, Lamington Lettings, Lamington Apartments and Lamington [...]

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Less talk, more action – Implementing ESG in hospitality

Jones Lang LaSalle's (JLL) new report 'Implementing ESG in hospitality', gives a great overview on what needs to be done for hospitality owners to move towards a Net Zero Carbon (NZC) world. Although commitment [...]

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How Germany requires landlords and tenants to split the cost of carbon emissions

The Federal Minister of Economics, the Federal Minister of Building and the Federal Minister of Justice in Germany agreed on a fair sharing of the CO2 costs between landlords and tenants for both residential [...]

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Greenwashing – Legal Guidance for the Hospitality Sector on Environmental Advertising Claims

We face a sustainability challenge which far outweighs the capability of any one individual or company. Its scale requires the business community to collaborate on the development and implementation of ESG solutions. Lawyers have [...]

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Hotel Sector Energy Usage Infographic

To download the infographic, click here. 

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Energy Usage in the UK Hotel Industry

This report, commissioned by the Energy and Environment Alliance, provides an up-to-date assessment of the energy usage of the hotel and accommodation industry, put into the context of the wider UK economy energy usage. [...]

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Transitioning Hospitality to a Low Carbon Economy

EEA established to capitalise on the surge in enthusiasm from government, investors and consumers to see businesses acting in an environmentally responsible, sustainable manner. To download the full deck of slides, click here.  [...]

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Energy Usage in the UK Economy

In 2018, the total energy used in the UK economy was 199 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe). There has been a material decline in energy usage since the start of the ONS data [...]

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